On Wise.com, you will need to deactivate the automatic payments so that earnings stay in your Wise account and are not sent immediately to your bank account. 
You can do this with the following process:

  1. Go to the earnings page on Fluentify.com and select euro as your denomination for payouts.

  2. Go on Wise.com and remove the "primary" designation from your banking information if you're already receiving your pay in euros.

  3. Still on Wise.com, click "Open an account" and select euro for your currency

  4. Now, select your 0 EUR balance and open the drop-down list (indicated in the image below) to request your bank details.  You will see banking details for receiving money within the euro zone.

  5. When you receive the email from Wise.com that Fluentify has sent you money, enter that banking information so that Wise sends money to your Wise.com account instead of your current account.

  6. You can distribute money from your Wise.com account to your current account -- or any other account -- in any amount and at any time you choose.