Our partner English Score has also an offering for young learners, primary teens 13-17.

These students sign up on the English Score platform but are put through a slightly different onboarding process and as a result get access only to tutors who are eligible to teach young learners.

Any Fluentify tutor can be part of YL tutor team if they meet the requirements. The main requirement is providing us with a recent Police Check from the country a tutor resides in.

Apart from a different sign up page, English Score Young Learners use the English Score platform and all its usual features.

Tutors will always recognise a YL student as they will have a special tag next to their name and ID. The tag is: English Score Young Learner - Age 13+

IMPORTANT: Please note that as a Fluentify tutor working English Score students you must never refer to the Fluentify platform. English Score is a white-label solution and must keep these product separate and protect he brands.

If you wish to be considered and become available to teach more new students also coming from this channel, please contact Iwka at iwka@fluentify.com

Read HERE about the most important safeguarding policies and procedures.