Fluentify Young Learners is a Fluentify product dedicated to teaching young learners.

The platform is currently designed for Italian users. HERE you can learn more.

If you would like to be available to students who sign up through young.fluentify.com contact us and we will enable this plan on your profile.

Main platform features are the same as on fluentify.com

As a Fluentify tutor you log in to your Fluentify page but your profile is also available to students coming from this new channel and those students will appear on your sessions page with a tag YOUNG LEARNER.

Students book their 1-1 sessions with a tutor of their choice and your role is to design personalised lessons to meet your student's needs and learning style.

Here are a few key points:

- payment: you receive your Fluentify rate for sessions with young learners

- placement test: there is no placement test for young learners

- levels and study plan: there are no levels or study plan available to young learners (see the image below) but you CAN assign your student a level and create a study plan for your own reference

- Feedback forms: students can see the usual 'language seen', 'follow up activity' and 'additional comments' sections. They can also see the Great Work badge. Feedback forms can also be viewed by the parents on their parent dashboard.

Young Learner's dashboard:

- session packs: there is a subscription model (unlike Fluentify where students buy session packs). Depending on the plan students can have 4 or 8 sessions per month and the subscription is renewable.

- all sessions are recorded and can be viewed by the parents on their parent dashboard. They cannot be downloaded and can be viewed only by a parent who is the student's account owner

- bookings and cancellations: same as on Fluentify. Students can book sessions up to 4 hours in advance and cancel with a 6-hour notice. The same rules apply to the tutors.

If you have any additional questions, contact us on Slack at #fluentify-young-learners channel.