If you don’t make a study plan, then every session will revert to the default goal ‘Gain Confidence’. Therefore, what you practised in your sessions will not be reflected in the Fluentify system. 

This is an example of what happens when there is no study plan. The only type of session recorded on the system is 'Gain Confidence'. This is not what we want as it does not reflect what the tutor is teaching in their lessons. 

What we want to see is an accurate reflection of which goal the student worked on in each session and so their student profile will have a more balanced chart such as the one below. 

IMPORTANT: Many students when booking their sessions choose 'gain confidence' as default. It is your responsibility to change the session goal in the session feedback form. Setting a correct goal for each session will reflect nicely on your student's profile to help both you and the student keep track of your student's learning programme.