Feedback can be viewed first of all, by students themselves as it is an invaluable resource when wanting to review language seen with a Fluentify tutor. - This means that you should always address your student directly in the feedback form (and in the language you teach)

Other users who have access to student feedback are:

  • Fluentify staff (the Education Team, Customer Support and Customer Success, the Sales team) - to ensure highest quality tutoring and have an overview of tutors’ and students’ work
  • Other Fluentify tutors - all the tutors can view student’s history as this helps them manage students better. For example, whenever a student changes tutor, a new teacher will view past feedback forms to ensure high level of the first session
  • HR managers (if applicable) - if students’ Fluentify sessions are part of a company plan, an HR manager or a designated person will have access to students’ feedback forms

Click HERE to review the tutor training section on feedback forms.

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