The speaking PLACEMENT test feedback is different from a regular session feedback. 

This is what the PLACEMENT test feedback form looks like:


Assigning a level

The system will present the tutor with the student's rough level based on their written test. For example, if the student's written test was a B1, the tutor will be presented with FL levels within the B1 range, as well as a high A2 and low B2 level.

Click here for Fluentify's FL LEVEL DESCRIPTORS.

Next, the tutor must define the level more accurately with the speaking test. 

Tutors assess a student's level based on:

  •  Fluentify's four speaking parameters: fluency, accuracy, pronunciation and comprehension
  • The written test result

If the tutor disagrees with the written test level then they hit the 'no' button and select their own level. They can then justify their choice in the box provided (if useful)

The level the tutor selects is final

Note: You can see the student's written test by clicking on the 'find out more about your student' link at the top of the page. 

Writing an evaluation

Finally, the tutor must write a short evaluation outlining the student's strengths and weaknesses, language goals and what they should work on in the coming lessons. This evaluation is visible to tutors, the Head of Tutors and HR managers (if applicable)

Click here for the PLACEMENT test questions and GUIDELINES.

Click HERE to review the tutor training section on levels and testing

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