The speaking ASSESSMENT test feedback form is different from a regular session feedback. Click here for the VIDEO TUTORIAL.

Assigning a level

The student was already assigned a level during their PLACEMENT test. Tutors can therefore assign the same level at the ASSESSMENT test (if they didn't make progress) or a higher level. 

The tutor must then justify their decision in the text box below. 

A tutor assesses a student's level based on:

  •  Fluentify's four speaking parameters: fluency, accuracy, pronunciation and comprehension
  • The written test result (viewable by clicking on the 'find out more about your student' link.)

Download our speaking ASSESSMENT test questions here

Click here for Fluentify's FL LEVEL DESCRIPTORS.

NOTE: If you are NOT an English teacher, use this LINK to get all the information on testing.

Detailed speaking evaluation

Next the tutor goes into more detail about the level you assigned your student by (if needed) clicking on the plus and minus buttons for the different speaking disciplines. 

Finally, the tutor writes a short evaluation outlining the student's strengths and weaknesses, language goals and what they should work on in the coming lessons. This evaluation is visible to tutors, the Head of Tutors and HR managers (if applicable)

Click HERE to review the tutor training section on levels and testing.