Slack is a tool Fluentify uses to communicate with the tutors and also to allow communication between tutors themselves. It is a powerful tool whose purpose is to make sure everyone is always up to date with all the Fluentify news as well as has easy access to receive support whenever necessary.

As a Fluentify Tutor you must be active on Slack: check the channels daily for recent threads and reply whenever you receive a DM (direct message) or are tagged in a post.

In order to make communication even more effective, there are a few channels to use, each with a different purpose:

#general is for discussions about the "Fluentify experience"
#fluentify-b2c is for discussions about items specifically for B2C tutors, like English Score and free test sessions
#important-updates is for Fluentify to make announcements (we don't post there)
#proof-reading is where Fluentify asks us to review English text or where we can post errors we see on the site
#sharing-materials is where we can request and/or share resources between tutors
#tech-suggestions is where we can make specific requests for improvements - NOT bug reports (those go in #general)
#testing-students is where we talk about issues with testing - placement or assessment test guidelines, confusing levels or test results. Basically anything related to testing students

#fluentify-young-learners is for discussions about teaching young learners and the Fluentify Young Learners platform 
#tutor-lounge is just for fun and issues not directly related to Fluentify