In order to make communication even more effective, there are a few channels to use, each with a different purpose:

#general is for discussions about the "Fluentify experience"
#fluentify-b2c is for discussions about items specifically for B2C tutors, like English Score and free test sessions
#important-updates is for Fluentify to make announcements (we don't post there)
#proof-reading is where Fluentify asks us to review English text or where we can post errors we see on the site
#sharing-materials is where we can request and/or share resources between tutors
#tech-suggestions is where we can make specific requests for improvements - NOT bug reports (those go in #general)
#testing-students is where we talk about issues with testing - placement or assessment test guidelines, confusing levels or test results. Basically anything related to testing students

#fluentify-young-learners is for discussions about teaching young learners and the Fluentify Young Learners platform 
#tutor-lounge is just for fun and issues not directly related to Fluentify