The SPEAKING PLACEMENT test is always the first session a Fluentify student does on Fluentify. Prior to this session, they take the written part of the placement test. (Some users may not be taking the full written test - you will then see a suggested level based on a student's self-evaluation)

The tutor’s role is to assess a student’s level, talk about their needs and propose a learning plan for them. Tutors should try to create a very friendly atmosphere during this first lesson as for many students it is the very first time they have a lesson online and many tend to be nervous.

This session is also a chance to gain a new long-term student. 

During this session you will assess your student on the Fluentify 14 level system. To do this, first look at your student's WRITTEN TEST score. This will determine their approximate level. Next, ask your student questions from the SPEAKING PLACEMENT at this approximate level. If they struggle to answer questions correctly, ask questions from the levels below. If, however, they get all the questions right, ask them questions from the levels above. 

NOTE: The written test will give an approximate level using the CEFR system (A1-C2). It is your job to determine where they should be on the Fluentify scale (FL0-FL13) which will establish your student's starting level.

NOTE: Some students don't take the full written placement test and their level evaluation is their first speaking session on Fluentify. Private students can skip the written test and you will then see their self-evaluation on their profile.

Download a copy of the SPEAKING PLACEMENT here. 

Learn all about levels and testing HERE.