The SPEAKING ASSESSMENT test is a session students book after they have taken a written assessment test (usually after completing a required number of hours for a level or after their company pack has finished).

The purpose of this session is to update a student’s level based on:

  • Their most recent written test score 
  • Performance during the test session
  • Previous assessment scores

Most students will continue learning languages on Fluentify after the assessment test, so it is important to manage this session well, following our SPEAKING ASSESSMENT test questions.

Your student's last test answers and scores, as well as their previous level and speaking parameters ranks are available to view on the STUDENT PROFILE page.

During the speaking assessment you will assess your student using the Fluentify 14 level system. Ask your student questions from the Speaking Assessment document at their approximate level. If they struggle to answer questions correctly, ask questions from the levels below. If, however, they get all the questions right, ask them questions from the levels above.

Your assessment of your student's speakings skills will establish their new level on Fluentify platform. 

We always want to show students that they are making progress. If possible assign your student a higher level (make sure you check well what their current level is) unless you don't think they should go up a level.

Make sure you evaluate their speaking performance correctly using the 4 speaking parameters.

Read more about levels and testing HERE.