If you are a B2C tutor, young learners will occasionally book you for a PLACEMENT test to determine their level on the Fluentify system. 

We have a specially designed test for this system which you can download here:  

Young Learners' Placement Test

In addition, this test involves a set of images which you can download here: 

Placement Test Images

Follow the instructions on the test to determine your student’s level. Remember to ask your student to always answer with a complete sentence (if possible).  

If you are not happy to teach a young learner, feel free to recommend some tutors to the student who you have had a placement test with. You can find tutors on Slack in #fluentify-young-learners.

Finally, you'll find lots of materials to teach kids' classes on the Materials Hub here.

If you do not feel confident about teaching a young learner, let us know on Slack. There are many tutors who are happy to work with young learners.