For B2C students, the amount of hours varies depending on your student's level. It ranges from between 10 hours for lower levels to 25 hours for advanced levels. 

For B2B students, there are no set hours. Instead the student unlocks the assessment test when they finish their token pack or when agreed on with the HR.

Hours between assessment tests for B2C students (all private users)

FL0 10 hours
FL1 10 hours
FL2 10 hours
FL3 15 hours
FL4 15 hours
FL5 15 hours
FL6 15 hours
FL7 20 hours
FL8 20 hours
FL9 20 hours
FL10 25 hours
FL11 25 hours
FL12 25 hours
FL13 - no test

Once your student has completed the required hours for their level, they will see an invitation to take the written test on their STUDENT DASHBOARD here:

Upon completing the written test, the student will see an invitation to book a SPEAKING ASSESSMENT session on their DASHBOARD.