Fluentify assesses students on a 14 level system from FL0 (complete beginner) to FL13 (proficient). These levels are based upon CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages), but broken down into sub-levels. 

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Why does Fluentify have 14 Levels?

We use a 14-level system because we want to be more precise when evaluating student and, above all, we want to help our students make visible progress more quickly.

How do I use these levels when making student evaluations (such as in the Placement or Assessment test)? 

Tutors use CEFR levels as a starting point but assign an appropriate Fluentify Level. 

For example, if your B1 level student starts at FL5, after a certain number of hours they will take their assessment test, and go up to FL6. 

Don't worry! Your student will still be at a B1 level, but just upper-B1. Your student will continue to study (upper) B1 material until it's time to take another assessment.