When preparing lessons, you should always keep the syllabus in mind. This is because at the end of their learning plan your student will have an assessment test. 

In order to pass the test and go up to the next level they need to know all of the language points in the syllabus for their level. 

For example, if your student is FL5, they need to know and be able to use the 15 language points on the FL5 syllabus to pass the FL5 assessment test. After that they will graduate on to FL6.

However, we understand that Fluentify tutors teach English with their own materials and learning paths. We fully support you in this endeavour, we just ask that you use the syllabus as a guide or checklist as you’re teaching to ensure that your student has the relevant knowledge to pass their assessment test at the end of their learning plan.

Review and download the syllabus here.