All tutors start out on Fluentify as B2C tutors, teaching private students. 

If, after a time, the tutor then becomes a PRO, teaching B2B students, they will still be able to teach the private students they have accumulated. 

This is a carefully designed policy by Fluentify. 

We don’t want your move to the PRO team to break your relationship with your B2C students. For this reason we allow you to keep teaching your previous students, who can continue to book you at the B2C rate (this applies to English Score students too)

This is why most PRO tutors still teach some B2C students in addition to their B2B work.


If you move to the PRO team, your previous Fluentify B2C students will now see you on the tutor dashboard as UNLOCKED. For new B2C students, however, you will appear as a PRO tutor. In order to book a lesson with you, these students would have to spend two tokens instead of one or buy a different pro session pack.

If you are a PRO tutor who does not have many (or any) B2C students, it is probably because you moved over to the PRO team early in your Fluentify career (just after your first 20-50 sessions) and so you did not have the time to build up your B2C students. 

Note: Once you have joined the PRO team, you cannot usually go back to teaching B2C students. If Iwka, Head of Education at Fluentify, agrees that you can move back to B2C teaching after becoming a PRO you can never go back to teaching B2B students. 

This policy is to ensure fairness for all tutors on Fluentify.