If a student shows up late to your session, it is up to you whether to conduct a 30 minute session or to do the session only with the remaining time. If you have another session after or a prior commitment, it is fine to keep the session short. But if you have a few minutes to spare after the session, you can conduct the lesson past the scheduled time. With either decision you make, you will still be paid in full for the scheduled session.

If a student doesn’t show up, money will be automatically transferred to the tutor’s account (as soon as the session ends and you submit the feedback form). However, you are expected to wait online until the end of the session (in case the student shows up at some point!).


You should always send your student a reminder message (you can access it when you connect to the session) and this will generate a Fluentify email. You should also write a message in chat.

It is also recommended to refresh in case the student is actually there but for some reason you can't see each other.


Always remember to submit a feedback form whether a student showed up late or didn’t show up at all.