B2B (PRO) tutors will sometimes see the tag B2B TRIAL on their calendars. This means that an HR representative from a potential client has booked a session to test the platform on behalf of their company. This trial session occurs often as a placement test.

As you can imagine these sessions are extremely important to Fluentify and our tutor team because new clients often decide to sign up for Fluentify based on their experience in the trial session.

For B2B Trial Profile bookings, follow these steps for a successful session
  1. Send the student a welcome message in the chat when they book.
  2. During the session, it is not necessary to mention that you know it is a trail session. Instead treat it as a placement session, but with more emphasis on answering questions about the platform.
  3. End the placement test earlier than usual and ask the student if they have any questions about the platform. Go through key features including the study plan, the FL level system, feedback forms, the fact that students are free to select the tutors they wish to work with, as well as your lesson structure and homework tasks.
  4. End by giving the student an assigned level and submit a normal test feedback form as soon as possible. In addition, you could give the student some homework and send them an additional friendly message in the chat.
NOTE: the tag may differ a little depending on the type of deal we are negotiating - you may see B2B Trial  as well as B2B Trial Abroad, B2B Trial German, B2B Trial Spanish, B2B Trial French, B2B Trial Ita - all of them are someone testing our services to see if they like Fluentify so watch out for these tags!