Tutors can get a booking from a student new to Fluentify or a student who has already been having sessions.

1. New student:

  • Check your student’s profile and view their initial level after the written part of the placement test. View their test results to get a better idea of which areas you might need to focus on. (if the student didn't take the full written test, you can see the suggested level based on their self-evaluation)
  • Your first session with a new student will be a speaking placement test session 

2. An existing student:

  • View your student’s profile to find out what their level is
  • View some of your student’s past feedback forms to get a better idea of what they have been working on so far
  • Feel free to get in contact with your student’s previous tutor(s) on Slack to find out more
  • IMPORTANT: getting as much information about the student as possible will help you avoid asking the usual get-to-know you questions and you will be able to quickly jump into a lesson