If you experience technical difficulties during your session, you should briefly troubleshoot them with these steps.

If you still have tech issues after that then you should switch to Zoom.

Most technical issues are caused by insufficient bandwidth on either the tutor's or the student's side. If the session didn't take place due to bandwidth issues on the student's side then you are not obliged to cancel the session (unless you wish to, as a good will gesture) and your student will pay for the session as normal. 

If the session didn't take place due to a bandwidth or another tech issue on your side, then you should cancel the session and give your student back their token. 

In order to find out where the problem came from, you should contact tutors@fluentify.com

If your student can see or hear you but you cannot see and hear them, then this indicates that there is insufficient bandwidth on the student's side for the session to continue. This is because it takes a lot more bandwidth for the student to upload their video and audio, than to download your video and audio. 

If you cannot solve a tech issue on Fluentify then you should always switch to Zoom. 

On rare occasions there will be an interruption to the service caused by the Fluentify platform servers. These disruptions usually only last a few minutes and hardly affect the quality and length of sessions, and so you should still be able to complete your session as normal.  

However, if the disruption persists, meaning that you cannot teach the majority of your session, then the student can ask for their token back from Fluentify and you will still be paid for the session. These instances are, however, rare occurrences

If they do happen, you should contact tutors@fluentify.com and inform them about the sessions you missed due to issues on our end.

Always check Slack in these situations. We may already be talking about an issue and sharing advice and informing tutors about the procedures.