Tutors (and students) can cancel session up until 6 hours prior to a scheduled lesson. If you need to cancel a lesson and have missed this deadline, you need to first of all contact the student via chat on Fluentify and then contact Fluentify at tutors@fluentify.com providing us with student ID and a brief description of a problem. 

Customer Service will then handle the situation, dismiss the session and give a token back to the student. Tutor will not get paid for the session.

We do not provide 24/7 assistance so such requests will be handled as soon as possible but often not immediately. This is why contacting the students via chat is extremely important.

If you do not contact the student and Fluentify Customer Service prior to the start of the session you need to cancel, you will be given a 10€ fine as per our Terms and Conditions. If you miss a new student's first session on the platform, you will be fined €50.

HERE you will find more information regarding cancellations.