Yes, students can cancel sessions up until 6 hours prior to the start of a booked session. The system will not allow cancellations past the 6-hour window.

If a students contacts a tutor and asks for a refund, it is up to a tutor to offer a token back and as a result not get paid. Tutors are not obliged to do so and are entitled to be paid as normal.

If you would like to return a token to your student, please either contact us on or wait till the session has started or is over and go to SESSION DETAILS --> CANCEL SESSION

See also our Fluentify Cancellations Policy

And watch this tutorial video showing how students cancel sessions. (NOTE: feel free to share this video with your Fluentify students but you must not share it with English Score users. ES students cancel sessions in the same way but their dashboard has a different logo and different colours and we must protect both brands.)