Tutors are required to leave feedback after each session taught. In order to access pending feedback, you can click on ‘feedback to start’ in the top-left corner or go to FEEDBACK in the main menu on the left.

Alternatively, feedback can also be accessed from MANAGE SESSIONS > PAST. Sessions without feedback will have a green button next to them.

STEP 1: Technical feedback - tell us if you completed the sessions successfully (if the student attended or not) and if you had tech issues.

NEW! Mark the session as not completed

IMPORTANT: Sessions marked as not completed (or unattended) cannot be edited.

If you state that the session was not completed, the system will hide the whole feedback and ask a few additional questions and propose a few text fields:

- did the student miss the session?

- did you experience tech issues?

When can you mark the session as not completed?

- the student was there but had major tech issues and you couldn't speak to them

- the server was down and you couldn't connect to the system at all

- you were there for the whole 30 minutes but the student didn't show up (mark the session as unattended then)

IMPORTANT: if the session is not completed because you didn't manage to connect due to an emergency situation, you must follow the guidelines and contact tutors@fluentify.com and the student via chat, and we will dismiss the session.

If you completed the session successfully, you can also report tech issues. If you completed the session on Zoom, check this box.  If it was completed on another conferencing system, be sure to write which platform was used in the text box.  Of course, if the session was not completed for any reason, leave this box unchecked and mark the session as not completed.

STEP 2: Student evaluation

You can rate your student's performance during session by using the plus and minus buttons.

NEW! We will now provide you with some more information about your student's past performance. We encourage you to look at the stats and use the + and - buttons accordingly. Of course, our aim is to show students are making progress so if you have a student who has been 'lower' in one of the parameters for a certain number of sessions, maybe it's time to award them with a higher mark.

STEP 3: Great Work

If you're student did particularly well you can send them a 'great work' badge by hitting the 'yes' button.

NEW! Look at the stats we share with you. Do not give the badge too often. 

10-20% of sessions should be awarded with a badge.

If it seems too soon to grant a badge, we will warn you.


Always change the session topic by hitting 'yes' and then selecting a goal from the drop-down list. 

IMPORTANT: if your student doesn't have a study plan yet, make sure you set one for them.

NEW! You can choose from your student's active goals (so goals from the current study plan) or any other goal available.

IMPORTANT: If the goal you are selecting is not part of the study plan but you feel that the student should focus on it for a number of sessions, EDIT the study plan as otherwise this session won't add to the student's progress graph on their profile.

STEP 5: You're doing great!

NEW! 'You're doing great in' award is always available to you but use the stats provided to grant the award when applicable. On average a student should receive this badge every 5-10 sessions. This badge states that a student has accomplished something in one of their focus areas.

STEP 6: Session content

To fill in your student's personalised feedback form, first write your session focus in the Focus box. It must be no more than 20 characters. For longer topics such as 'present perfect continuous' write an abbreviation such as 'Pres Perfect Cont'. 

This field is only visible to tutors and it will help you browse through your past sessions easily.

The rest of the form consists of 'Language seen during the lesson', 'Follow up activities/and or focus of next session' and 'additional comments.'

Watch the tutorial video HERE