There are some young learners taking classes on Fluentify. This is because:

A) Their parents have bought packs for them as private students.

B) A school or education institution has bought a package as part of a larger initiative.

We do our best to make sure that young learners are taught by tutors who have stated in the Tutor Info questionnaire that they are happy to teach students under 18.  

If you have filled out the Tutor Info questionnaire, then we already know your preferences. If you haven't, then you can complete it here.

If a young learner appears on your system and you do not feel comfortable in teaching them, then let us know at least 24 hours before so that we can transfer them to another teacher. 

We have a specially designed PLACEMENT test for young learners which you can download here:  

Young Learners' Placement Test

In addition, this test involves a set of images which you can download from the Materials Hub here: 

Placement Test Images

Follow the instructions on the test to determine your student’s level. Remember to ask your student to always answer with a complete sentence (if possible).  

We also have a separate platform designed for young learners - you can check your initiatives on your tutor panel to see if you are available to teach on this platform. If you would like to be added to our YL Tutor team, please let us know. Learn more about young learners on Slack in #fluentify-young-learners and HERE