Tutors can get a booking from a student new to Fluentify or a student who has already been having sessions.

1. New student:

  • Check your student’s profile and view their initial level after the written part of the placement test. View their test results to get a better idea of which areas you might need to focus on
  • Your first session with a new student will be a speaking placement test session - make sure you are familiar with the TEST SESSION GUIDELINES (click HERE if you are a teacher of a different language, not English)

2. An existing student:

  • View your student’s profile to find out what their level is
  • View some of your student’s past feedback forms to get a better idea of what they have been working on so far
  • Feel free to get in contact with your student’s previous tutor(s) on Slack to find out more

3. A new or existing B2B student

  • In your upcoming sessions next to student name and ID number you will also find their company name. 
  • Check Slack B2B channel for some extra information regarding the company and student’s role

IMPORTANT: if you meet a student who is new to you but has been on the platform for a while, always check their profile for tutor's notes and past feedback forms to learn more about them and avoid spending too much time and getting to know the student.

Students want to make the most of each of their Fluentify session!