The student study plan helps the tutor and student identify the student’s language learning goals.

A student can work on a maximum of five goals at a time. ‘Gain Confidence’ is the default goal and always remains on the student’s study plan. Other goals include grammar and vocabulary, exam preparation, practical situations, pronunciation and business English topics.

Before each session the student will select which goal they wish to work on from their plan. If they do not select a topic, the system will select the default goal ‘Gain Confidence.’

NOTE: ‘Gain Confidence’ does not automatically mean that the student wants a conversation class. The system could say ‘Gain Confidence’ because:

  • The student forgot to select a goal topic.
  • The student doesn’t know what they want to study and has left the choice to you. In this case you should change ‘Gain Confidence’ in the feedback form to the goal that you actually worked on. For example, ‘Grammar.’ 

Here are the goals on the study plan:

After each session the tutor confirms or edits the goal that the student worked on in the feedback forms here:

The amount of sessions dedicated to each goal is reflected in the student's profile page, on the right:

IMPORTANT: Always set a correct session goal when submitting a feedback form for your students. This may mean you will often have to change the goal from 'gain confidence' to a different, more appropriate one.