This is a tricky one as tutors live in different time zones, some of us have daylight saving time and some of us don’t.

Basically, the Fluentify calendar will automatically show the student a tutor’s availability in the student's local time. 

For the clock change for daylight saving time, this means that if you duplicate your calendar the week before the change for the following weeks, you will see that your calendar is misaligned.  Your availability will start and end either one hour earlier or one hour later (depending on whether the clocks have gone back or forward). 

Complicated? Yes, it can be. 

Take a look at this example to learn more:

Maria’s availability is from 9am-5pm Monday to Friday. On in the final week of October she duplicates her calendar to cover the next two weeks. That Sunday the clocks go back in her country. On Monday morning, Maria wakes up to discover that her calendar availability is not 9am-5pm as usual, it is 8am-4pm. 

In Europe the clock change for daylight saving time takes place on the final Sunday of March and October. 

In the USA the clock changes takes place on the second Sunday in March and the first Sunday in November. 

What do I do about this?

Plan early. Duplicate your availability until the week before the time change. 

Next, duplicate your availability for one week after the time change. You’ll notice that everything is misaligned by one hour. Delete and add slots to realign your calendar. 

Finally, duplicate this new calendar as many times as you wish, to increase your availability into the future. 

For more information on calendar changes with daylight saving time, take a look at this video from Tea with Iwka.