Tutors can manage their past and upcoming sessions from their Tutor Panel under ‘MANAGE SESSIONS’. Here the tutor will see the list of all of the upcoming sessions with the relevant information (user, date, session type). By clicking on details, the tutor will see what the topic of the session is and can also access the student’s profile page, feedback form, chat as well as download an iCal file.

When viewing past sessions, tutors can see user info, date and session type and by clicking on details, the session feedback form is shown. Here tutors can access student profile, lesson chat transcript and also edit feedback.

In case a past session is missing feedback, a green ‘leave feedback’ button will appear next to it allowing tutors to access a blank feedback form ready to be filled out.

IMPORTANT: Students often choose 'gain confidence' as their session goal - it's your responsibility to change the goal in the session feedback to reflect what the session was really about. It is very important to guarantee students have a well-rounded learning experience on the platfrom.

Watch this TUTORIAL VIDEO to find out more about teaching a session on Fluentify.