Tutors are asked to add at least 15 hours of availability per week (30 slots) on their calendars. The more availability a tutor adds, the more likely he/she is to have students book sessions.

The Fluentify calendar is set accordingly to the tutor’s time-zone.

When you access your profile you get a quick view of your calendar. In order to add or remove slots, you need to go to 'Calendar' in the main menu or 'Manage calendar' above the calendar quick view.

The Fluentify calendar shows the ‘peak slots’ when students usually book so that tutors can optimize their time and schedule. To do so, go to Tutor Panel, click on “Calendar” and then on “SHOW PEAK HOURS”: you will see the 30-minute slots in three different colours:

  • Orange: high-request slots
  • Yellow: medium-request slots
  • White: low-request slots

You can also DUPLICATE AVAILABILITY - copy your available slots onto following weeks. 

In order to add a single slot, you just need to click on the calendar at the slot you want to add in order to remove single slots, click on a green available slot and then remove.

IMPORTANT: Tutors can update their calendars whenever they want. There is only 1 rule in place. You can add or remove slots up until 6 hours prior to the start time of a chosen slot.

For example, if it is 11am, you cannot modify your slots until 5pm on that day but you can remove a 6pm slot if necessary.

Make sure you put availability for at least 3-4 weeks in advance. Our most successful tutors update their calendars for months ahead.