Tutors can ask for a payout once they earn at least €50. Payouts are processed by the Fluentify team on first and third Thursdays of a month and payout requests must be placed by 3am on Thursday UK time (so basically by Wednesday night).

By signing up for Fluentify and starting to teach through the platform, tutors accept Fluentify terms and conditions authorising the company to issue a receipt on their behalf every time they request a payout.

Issued receipts will be available and downloadable from the tutor panel in the EARNINGS section.

NOTE: Tutors registered to VAT will be required to invoice the company for the payout amount; See the breakdown of your earnings on your earnings page and check company details to write your invoice (or invoices if you also teach English Score students)

Depending on the tutor’s nationality and residency, Fluentify will transfer the money via bank transfers (via Wise or direct bank transfer). Transfers are free of charge.

Wise.com sends an email with transfer details that tutors need to accept. If you fail to accept the transfer and as a result the payout has to reprocessed, you will be charged 10€.