This feature allows you to offer new users their first session on Fluentify with you for free.

Thanks to this option, new students will be able to buy their first session with you at €1 so that you will have the chance to meet with them and make them fall in love with you!

Many tutors became our BEST TUTORS thanks to this option as it is a great “hook” to engage newcomers.

If you are a NEW Tutor on Fluentify (up to 20 sessions taught) you will automatically be offering a free trial session. After having taught 20 sessions, you can switch this feature off in INITIATIVES in your TUTOR PANEL. 

Note 1: A free trial session can only be used by students who are brand new to Fluentify.

Note 2: Fluentify requests a symbolic payment (€1) for two main reasons:

- Not to waste your time (student will be committed to show up at the session).

- To keep the platform safe (by requesting a form of payment, we know that the students are real and not robots or other weird characters!)"

Many English Score students start their experience with the platform with their free trial session. A good first session will encourage these students to buy a session pack. 

Most tutors offer a free trial session, even if they have been on the platform for a long time as it allows them to meet new students all the time.

You can manage the initiative yourself. We recommend that you keep it on all the time (and just switch off occasionally when the number of free test sessions is too high for you).