You'll find a link to Fluentify Academy in the main navigation on the left-hand side of your Tutor Panel. It's a good idea to look through it and make a note of the language points taught in the course so that you're ready for any Academy students in case they want to talk to you about the course.

You don't have to refer directly to the course content though. You should provide your student with as much speaking practice as possible. Encourage your students to complete the course sections. Completing the full course combined with speaking sessions gives students a full 360 degree experience.

The course you can view on your Fluentify page is sold to our corporate clients as part of our blended solution.

We also sell a product called YES INGLESE - these students do a self-study course and your role is to do speaking practice with them. You cannot view the full course they do as it is a variation of the Fluentify Academy.

Click HERE to see the course outline of the Yes Inglese course.

Click HERE to see the outline of the Fluentify Academy course sold to our corporate clients.