At Fluentify we constantly try to expand our client base and reach out to companies that can bring us and our tutors a lot of students.

Our tutors can help us gain more companies. Here is how it works: if  you have a student (paying for their sessions themselves) who works in a company that could be a potential Fluentify client, we would love to hear about it from you! 

Or maybe you know a company's HR manager that could be a potential client, check out this site and fill out a form.

If, thanks to you, we succeed in signing a contract with a new company, you will receive a gift from us! The size of the gift depends on the size of the contract we sign (how many users get involved)

From 1 to 5 people →You will receive 50€ 

From 6 to 10 people → You will receive 100€ 

From 11 to 50 people → You will receive 200€ 

From 50+ → You will receive 500€

The fee is paid once on the first customer invoice.