Fluentify currently offers two self-study video-courses under the brand Fluentify Academy. One is an A1-A2 level called 'Make a breakthrough' and another a B1-B2 level called 'Cross the threshold.'

The courses cover some grammar such as the present, past and future tenses as well practical aspects of English such as how to write a CV and conduct a job interview in English or how to express oneself effectively in meetings. 

Fluentify Academy is a blended learning course meaning that students will also receive two tokens to spend with a tutor for one-on-one lessons. Companies can also opt for a more balanced solution: Fluentify Academy + 24 speaking sessions.

The Fluentify Academy is part of our corporate offer. It cannot be purchased by private users.

You will know you student has access to the Academy: there will be a small icon next to their name/avatar as well as more information in the bottom of their profile page.

If you are a B2C tutor and you see the Academy tag next to your student name it means they come from the Yes Inglese platform. Read more about this product HERE