All tutors on Fluentify have to do placement test sessions. B2C tutors will do placement sessions for private clients. Fluentify B2C placement tests are often unpaid free trial sessions. English Score placement tests are currently paid 6 euros per test.

We are currently experiencing a high demand for placement tests because of the English Score, which has proven to be very popular. They are constantly actively marketing their offer. English Score is a great source of new and motivated students from all around the world!

Placement tests are designed for tutors to meet new students coming on the platform who will then very often book more sessions with that tutor in the longer term. B2C placement tests are an investment of your time to gain long-term students and so it is important to motivate students to come back for more sessions with you. For more advice on how to do this check out our blog post 5 Best Practices for Increasing your Bookings on Fluentify.

If, however, you’re ever feeling overwhelmed by the amount of test sessions that you’re receiving go to #fluentify-b2c channel on Slack and share your experience. 

Read this HELPFUL DOCUMENT with tips on how to convert new students to regular paying customers.

You can opt out from offering free trial sessions, however, most tutors keep this initiative on as it is a great source of new students.