There are some key differences between English Score and Fluentify sessions.

PLACEMENT TESTS: English Score students do not take a written placement test. Instead their level is assigned by the tutor during the SPEAKING PLACEMENT test in their first session on the platform.

PAID PLACEMENT TESTS (free trial sessions): Unlike normal Fluentify free trial sessions (always a student's placement tests), which are unpaid, English Score placement tests currently pay 6 euros a test. The amount due for all tests done in July will be added to your earnings at the beginning of August.

PLATFORM: English Score students access the Fluentify service through the English Score platform. They are not Fluentify students; they are English Score students. Therefore, you should never refer to Fluentify during your sessions.

CUSTOMER SERVICE: If your student has an issue, they should write to English Score customer service at They MUST NOT contact Fluentify customer service as they are not Fluentify students.

VOLUME OF STUDENTS: We’re currently experiencing a high demand for classes from English Score students. This is great for B2C tutors and we expect your calendars to be full in the coming months. We have become a key partner for one-on-one online training for the British Council English Score initiative and so we are very happy and working really hard.

Please keep your Free Trial Session ON in your INITIATIVES page as much as you can. It’s a joint team effort and we need to allow these new students to book their first session quickly and then convert them to regular active students. If we don’t have enough slots for these students, it’s a big problem. We thank you for your support and great team work.